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Harmonica Craft Chocolate

Harmonica is the most famous brand for organic products in the Bulgarian market. They create clean food with care for human health and nature, as all products are bio-certified and mainly of Bulgarian origin. The large portfolio of Harmonica products includes chocolate bars among others, which are produced in the local manufactory for handmade chocolate Gaillot according to an old European tradition. We at PUNKT have created a new package design for Harmonica’s chocolate bars, which positions their brand better among its competitors in organic production. Our team has developed an identity that combines the clear visual language of Harmonica’s brand but also their alternative point of view for the essence, the emotion and the character of the chocolates they make.

Client: Harmonica Organic Foods

3D visualisations by Antonia Toseva

The main disadvantages in the previous design of the chocolates were the unstable packaging which resulted in shorter shelf life, as well as the poor visual presentation of the unique production process: from bean to bar. That’s why we have created an impressionistic design that is based on the interaction of the ingredients in the chocolate. We showed the bitterness and the raw and rougher nature of the dark chocolate, the fine and moderate taste of the milk chocolate and the delicate and soft style of the white chocolate.

Harmonica decided to enrich their catalog with products by creating chocolate bars that are both attractive and healthy. Thus, two new flavors appeared: dark chocolate with probiotics and milk chocolate with probiotics. Our studio had the task to further develop the identity by introducing the new probiotic ingredient in the already established designs of the chocolate bars.

“The feedback from customers and store partners is very good – our chocolates are now recognizable enough and have their own distinctive packaging style. The colourful and attractive ‘spots’ bring the feeling of an explosion of tastes and emotions. Our chocolates received good marketing and sales support this year and this has paid off.”

Harmonica’s team

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