Wrong Fest 2022_Cover

Wrong Fest 2022

Wrong Fest, a music fest in Bulgaria, stands out as an antithesis of mainstream music events, showcasing a mix of lesser-known artists. This was the second time we worked on its identity so the challenge was to keep the vibe set in the previous issue, while also coming up with fresh visuals. 

The custom punchy typeface and the striking color had already become a hallmark of the festival. For the new issue, we drew inspiration from the process itself. Working on a festival in times of war and a rushing global pandemic meant numerous changes in the lineup, the dates etc. which required endless adaptations and “crossing out” the outdated information. 

The concept resonated on multiple levels. The slogan “what is wrong gets crossed out” references the popular administrative instruction and the visual language pays tribute to the usual Bulgarian streetscape, a mishmash of ripped advertisements and graffiti. Contrary to the usual preference for clean and orderly public advertising, for this event, we wholeheartedly embraced the chaos and implemented it in the visuals.

Client: Wrong Fest

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