_SPOT is a platform that aims to change and improve the environment by activating local communities.
The project creates partnerships between citizens, businesses and institution while involving everyone to take part in creating better cities. We have been working together since the pilot programme in 2017 and developed an identity that invites people to engage. We created illustrations, online and offline resources for all partners to use as well as exclusive content for the official platform.

Client: BG Be Active

Photo credits: BG Be Active

We created space for people to create their own logos. With every new placemaking spot we create a new logo based on the proposals of the community. It could be either a wordmark or a symbol and sometimes both.

Since 2019 the _SPOT project has expanded its activities and now helps communities with waste prevention and waste management. The SPOT has organized cleaning campaigns, provided recycling bins and created various games and installations on this topic. We’ve produced on- and offline recycling campaigns, presentations, motion graphics, travelling exhibition and various toolkits.

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