Share Impact Report 2021_Cover


Impact Report 2021

Meet share - yet another of our annual report projects designed to spread joy and hope in difficult times. share makes creating a positive impact across the world so easy. They offer everyday products that with every purchase, donate to humanitarian aid projects worldwide. 

Illustrating share’s immense impact was a challenging task. How do you fit in millions of meals, clean water, hygiene products, school lessons, and hours of aid in just a few pages? So, definitely a difficult venture ... or so one would think. Actually, the formula is pretty simple - a dash of having fun, a spoonful of vast experience while tapping into our inner design wizards, and a couple of secret ingredients led to: pages filled with inspiration, color, meaning, and of course, confetti. Because every second when someone donates with share and a real impact is made, a celebration is a must.

Client: Share GmbH

Photo credits: Tony Schnitter

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