Review of Bulgarian Design


Review of Bulgarian Design is an annual exhibition organized by Studio Komplekt (a cultural management and consultancy agency based in Sofia) and part of MELBA Design Festival. Its idea is to review the current state of design in Bulgaria by setting a specific topic and inviting a well-known curator to navigate and reflect on the process. The exhibition produces new design objects with selected artists and is a travelling exhibition.

Following this year’s topic “Local Beauty”, artists had to create using only regional resources, materials and traditions. Our task was to create a catalogue that would add an extra.

The results feature vivid neon-yellow Pantone printed over recycled paper. Hinting from the cover, each artist’s work has been synthesized into a road-sign-like symbol for easier navigation across the pages and also serves as a breaker for the structured black-and-white layout. Overall, the catalogue adds an extra dimension and effect to the exhibition.

Client: Studio Komplekt

Photo credits: Tony Schnitter

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