РБ/RB catalogue_Cover


Artist Catalogue

The РБ/RB catalogue does not give a clear biography of the world-renowned contemporary artist Rada Boukova nor a detailed list of exhibitions and awards but explores the multifaceted world of the artist in two independent parts. We supported this concept with a layout that in the end converted the publication into an art object.

РБ/RB has no clear beginning and end. The RB half is very structured and logical, so we decided to allow the reader to easily follow the text and images that complement each other. Оn the other hand, the text in the РБ half is intuitive and chaotic and the layout invites the observer to be curious. The compositional elements have no exact place and form and they change their orientation in the pages of the edition.

For the cover of the publication we chose one of the emblematic works of Rada Bоukova called “Bikini”, to which we added a new meaning namely as a navigational element for the possible directions of reading in the catalogue.

Client: Rada Bukova and Sariev Contemporary

Fonts in use: Barkentina by Kiril Zlatkov, Cormac by Typedepot

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