Our Cluj Visual Identity

Tasked with the creation of an identity for OurCluj, we collaborated with Fondation Botnar’s initiative alongside a diverse array of public, private, and civic partners. They have developed over 15 social innovation projects to enhance the well-being of Cluj’s young residents. OurCluj serves as a values-based living laboratory, prioritizing trust and care. 

We immersed ourselves in Cluj-Napoca, Romania, engaging with young people, attending events, and experiencing the urban environment, including encounters with various subcultures and artworks.

Following this, we organized a participatory branding workshop involving over 35 representatives from NGOs, education, government, businesses, artists, grantees, and partners. This workshop aimed to create OurCluj’s visual identity collaboratively.

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Fonts in use: Roc Grotesk Variable by Kostic Type Foundry

The workshop emphasized connecting beyond social roles, encouraging participants to contribute intellectual and creative resources and share visual ideas related to OurCluj.

We conceptualized OurCluj’s visual identity around the theme of “in-between spaces,” highlighting its relational focus on collective action for youth well-being, shifting values towards care, trust, and relationships.

The logo symbolizes invisible connections and spaces where the project thrives, embodying simplicity, memorability, and harmony.

Our aim was to create an identity that reflects OurCluj’s values, emphasizing inclusivity, collaboration, and a focus on well-being.

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