ONE Architecture Week 2015 Un-common River_Cover

ONE Architecture Week 2015
Un-common River

ONE ARCHITECTURE WEEK is an annual international festival for architecture, a week-long meeting and idea exchange platform for architecture, interior design, landscape and urban environment. In 2015, the festival aimed to experiment on commoning the Maritsa River which runs through the town of Plovdiv, Bulgaria. The visual identity of the festival focused on the dash element in its main topic UN (-) COMMON RIVER. It signifies not only the connection between the two parts of the word UNCOMMON, but also changes its meaning almost entirely. That’s why we used it as main element. We saw it in the dynamic shape and color of the river and then also as a static, stable and firm red dash, a symbol of the human activities - architecture, constructions and security. When we gathered the two dashes we got an interesting and dynamic graphics. The intersection of the two colors turned into a place of encounter for new and old photos of the river.

Client: Оne Foundation for Culture and Art

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