studio Komplekt_Melba2022_Branding_cover

MELBA 2022

MELBA is an initiative dedicated to design. Since 2018, its goal has been to showcase the various manifestations of design through lectures, workshops, bimonthly live meetings, and a festival.

The festival in November represents the culmination and, in a way, the annual conclusion of MELBA - a one-day symposium featuring outstanding names from around the world, an exhibition-review of Bulgarian design, and various smaller design-focused events such as lectures, workshops, films, and other creative activities.

For the 5th edition, we were tasked with creating an identity that would bring all of these elements together.

Client: Studio Komplekt

Photos: Mihail Novakov
Font in use: Resist Sans Display

If you go to Bulgaria you will almost most certainly have your eyes pulled out by this combination - the maxed
out red and yellow. Its unapologetic presence here has been long established and it’s been haunting
everything it can reach - from products, signs and labels to shop fronts, supermarkets and even part of the
Bulgarian State Railways.

And with a reason - it just screams “LOOK AT ME!” with the least air. It’s harsh, crude and in a way also
selfish. It’s like a black hole for attention. Though most of the examples down below traditionally we might
regard as “bad” design, we found the provocation of bringing this idea to an international event about design
an interesting experiment.

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