Fine Acts_Annual Report 2022_Cover

Fine Acts Origami Annual Report

For the third year in a row, we had the honour of designing Fine Acts’ annual report (an international creative studio that addresses various social issues and provides engaging solutions through art) – but this time with their new logo and visual identity in mind (also created in a collab with us).

For this edition, Fine Acts had a vision for an annual report printed on origami papers – keeping to their “fun over format” philosophy. And we were excited to bring it to life! In fact, at the end of the report, you will find instructions for folding several different animals. For each of the topics of the report, there is a specific colour scheme and pattern created with artwork from (Fine Acts’ platform for socially engaged visual content available for anyone to use or adapt non-commercially).

Client: Fine Acts

Photo credits: Tony Schnitter
Web version of the report
by Oblik Studio

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