Fine Acts_Annual report 2021_Cover

Fine Acts Annual Report 2021

For a second year we had the task to design the annual report for Fine Acts – a global NGO that addresses social problems and provides engaging and creative solutions that, through art and play, aim to empower activism.
This year’s edition comes as a screen printed folder with 12 cool posters inside, which you can hang, show, save, etc. The posters feature artwork from TheGreats (Fine Acts’ platform for socially engaged visual content open to anyone to use or adapt non-commercially). On the back of each poster is the segmented, chronologically ordered report.
As their mantra goes “providing solutions that, through art and play, aim to empower activism” we thought that the simplest and most effective way to illustrate that is by making the layout look as though as you’ve left it in the children’s room for 10 minutes. What turned out was a fun and playful experience.

Client: Fine Acts

Photo credits: Tony Schnitter
Font in use: Vocal by Ani Dimitrova

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