ATOM Choreographic Series
#5 and #6

ATOM Choreographic Series meet dancers and choreographers around the world for two weeks of exchange, collaboration and exploration of dance practices. For its fifth edition in 2020 we collaborated with ATOM Theatre for an identity refresh which we then developed the following year. The identity reimagines the platform’s symbol and celebrates the dancers’ dynamics with a series of changing photographs that create a dance-like rhythm. The visual communication exists primarily online which allows for motion and strong vibrant colours in every edition.

Client: Atom Theatre

Photo credits: ATOM Choreographic Series by Ivan-Aleksander Kjutev
Choreographer portraits by Boryana Pandova, Valentina Vladimirova, Wiktoria Slowikowska

The sixth edition of ATOM Choreographic Series was developed using the same visual approach only this time with a new colour accent. This allowed for better recognition in the social media feeds.

New modules of the platform can easily incorporate the visual identity following the same use of typography and dynamic photography. Such is the case with the residency’s showcase visuals shown below.

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